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Our philisophy is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.
JPFIS aims to deliver insightful investment recommendation aimed at improving visibility and widening investor understanding for recommended companies, accross all market capitilazations.
JPFIS is a fee-based subscription service focused on equity research in the Indian equity market. Our primary objective is to provide investment recommendations that are unbiased, transparent and independent.

About - Research Subscription

One may argue, what is the need for such an independent service when brokerage houses provide research free of cost?

Why Subscribe? or Whats the need for independent research.

The research provided by brokerage houses is not entirely free, the investor pays by means of brokerage and companies research entirely on techinical parameters. Brokerage houses are are under preassure to provide daily recommendations in order to generate revenu by means of brokerage and tend to ignore or overlook fundamental aspects of investment recomendation, this can have major consequences on your investments.

As most of the recommendations from brokerage house are for large cap, Investor's also pays by means of missed opportunities in other market cap spectrum like mid-cap and small cap.

Why Subscribe?

As a fee based service JPFIS convinently avoids any possiblity of conflict of interest in our recommendations. Our subscription fee is the only payment we receive and expect, weather you follow our recommendation or don't. We do not receive any commission from brokers/companies or any other party for any recommendations we make. That ensures objectivity of our research and ensures unbiased, transperent and independent view on companies.

Each of our recommendation is on throughly researched companies considring all fundamental paramaters. We only recommend fundamentally strong companies that has the potential to grow in value over the time.

Our reports clearly highlights indicative investment horizon, risk associated with recommended comapny, expected value appreciation and other pointers of interest to the investor.

If you need more information on our Research subscription please contact us.
Every investor knows that the market involves risk. Nobody expects a guaranteed profit. But what every investor expects and deserves is honest investment advice, advice and analysis that is untainted by conflicts of interest.  That sums-up our aim and the need for an independent research body with no conflict-of-interest.
I am intrested in Research Subscription, Please contact me.
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