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Portfolio Management Service
Portfolio Management Service, PMS, is an investment service offered to investros seeking personalized investment solutions tarliroed to individual needs, an investment portfolio is constructed considering investor's personal risk profile which is unique to each investor.

In today's complex financial market an investor is presented with diverse investment choices  equities, fixed income, mutual funds, commodities amongst many others. As choices increase, researching, investing, managing, and monitoring investments  become more complicated.

Given the complexities and volatility involved in capital markets it requires time, knowledge and constant monitoring to make profits in proportion to the risk an investor is exposed to. For a regular investor who cannot devote time for research or lacks the knowledge and skills in making correct investment choices PMS is the answer.

Professional Management - Your investment is managed by professionals, always adhering to investment objectives stated by you and keeping in mind the your comfortable risk levels.

Continuous Monitoring - When you subscribe to PMS service, we assure you continues monitring of your investments and update you of major deviation in portfolio based on market events.

Hassle Free Operation - Clients only need to discuss their investment objectives and risk profile with the manager, all the administrative and trading taks will be taken care by the company.

Flexibility - The client can decide the amount of risk he is willing to take in order to reach personal investment objectives.

Customized Solution - Unlike a mutual fund investment PMS offers you a completely customizable solution. You can design a portfolio that suits your needs weather liquidity is your concern or dividend income your objective you are free to discuess your needs and allocate funds as per your objectives.
Mutual Fund
Professional Management
Professional Management
Customized Solutions
Completley Customizable
Fund must adher to stated 
objective, limiting potential of
higher returns
Complete & direct ownership of
shares. Complete control over buy,
sell decision
Own units of the shares, does not
have control over buy, sell
As circumstances change,
investment allocation can be
modified to suit new risk levels.
If circumstances change, investor
must liquidiate position and look
for other suitable funds.
Complete control on the level of
risk investor is willing to take.
Low risk or as statded in fund
Discretionary Portfolio - Under discretionary portfolio, the choice of securities and asset class as well as the timings of the investment/disinvestment decisions on an on-going basis rest solely with the Portfolio Manager. The portfolio manager may adopt any suitable strategy to achive investment objectives as stated and discussed with client in the client agreement. The decision to invest/disinvest, rebalance, reallocate funds relies soley with the portfolio manager.

Non-Discretionary Portfolio - Under non-discretionary portfolio, the Client decides on their investments, while the Portfolio Manager provides necessary inputs and recommends stocks suitable for the client risk profile.  The Portfolio Manager will also assist in execution of transactions.
Portfolio Management.

Let the experts do it for you
Looking to invest but no time to research the best options or lacking in insight to choose correctly? A situation most professionals are familiar with. Portfolio management services could very well be the answer to all your investment anxieties.
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Currently PMS service is not being offered by JPFIS You may consider availing Portfolio Review Service.