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Financial Modeling is one of the most sought after skill, not only in Equity Valuation, but in the entire financial sector.

The application of Financial Modeling can range from Equity Research to M & A analysis, from Capital Budgeting to Credit Appraisal, from Portfolio Management to Cash flor forecasts.

A financial model is a quantitative representation of financial information. A financial model is used by the financial analyst and may be constructed for many purposes, including: valuation of a security, forecasting cast flows, determining VaR etc.

The focus in our program will be on how it relates to Equity Valuation and some pointers to make complex models in Ms-Excel using macros and VBA techiniques.
Financial Modeling - Using Excel / Knowledge Transfer Program
This 40 Hour practical course is designed to equip the participants  with a sound financial modelling skills and techniques to prepare and forecast financial statements needed in a modern corporate world. Participants will  gain a firm understanding of the modelling process and financial ratios analysis.

The training is run in small groups ensuring direct interaction with the trainer throughout the whole course and each session is concluded with a practical model building exercise.

At the end of the training participants will be able to:
- Build a financial model from a scratch using the best structuring techniques.
- Use efficiently key Excel functions to construct sound financial forecasting models.
- Build interactive excel/VBA dashboards to automate Excel operations.
- Create a forecast income, cash flow statement and balance sheet.
- Interpret and analyse the key ratios used in a financial forecast.


Tips for Setting up a Financial Model
Obtaining Source Data
Formatting & clearing data
Spreading Historic Financial Statements
Setting up model framework

Analyzing Historical

Analyzing past trends
Normalising earnings and source data
Key adjustments
Calculating Key Ratios
Determining Growth drivers
Arriving at Key Assumptions

Forecasting Income Statement

Determining revenue / cost drivers
Forecasting Income Statement (5 Years)

Modeling Fixed Assets

Drivers on Asset intensity
Forecasting Capital Expenditure

CashFlow Statement

Modeling integrated financial model.
Key links to other statements for cash flow
Modeling cash flow statement
Calculating cash flow to equity


Understanding and calculating WACC
Estimating cost of Equity
Calculating Beta
Determining Peer group
Valuation using discounted cash flow (DCF)
Terminal cash flows, growth and terminal values

Advance Data Presentation Skills

- Financial Analysts
- Equity Research Analysts
- Portfolio Managers
- MBA Finanace Students
- Those looking to make a career in Equity Valuation / Investment Banking

- Equity Valuation
- Financial Analyst
- Equity Research Analyst
- Portfolio Manager
- Capital Budgeting
- Investment Banking
- M & A Analyst
- Credit Analysts

Training Approach: Training on LIVE projects.
Duration: 25 Hours
Program Delivery : Live Class room training.
Weekend & Weekday classes.

Fee for this module:- Rs. 12,000/-
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