Financial Analysis - Using Excel

The use of Ms-Excel in Finance sector today is indispensable in financial modeling and analysis, or any finance and accounting job. Strong, fundamental Excel training will help financial analysts build a solid foundation & gain confidence to master the use of spreadsheets.

The program is conducted in Work-shop format with an strong emphasis on learning by doing. The program starts with basics of Ms-Excel and moves on to cover advance feauters of Ms-Excel in the context of financial analysi and data interpretion.

The program emphasis will be on effectively navigating Ms-Excel, using shortcuts to perform actions faster, automating routine tasks using Macros & VBA and data analysis using pivot tables, data tables etc.
The module aims to help participants become more confident using excel for data analysis while building a strong foundation for financial modeling skills.

The module is conducted in two parts Basic Skills & Advance Skills.

Advance featuers such as Pivot Tables, Data Tables, What if Analysis, Horizontal and Vertical statement analysis are covered.

Prerequisites: None

Modeling Basics (Essential Skills) Duration: 8 Hours
Excel Environment and Useful Features
Ÿ Working in Excel environment
Ÿ Setting up worksheets
Ÿ Formatting & Formulas.
Excel Functions & Useful Features
Ÿ String / Mathematical / Numerical Funcations
Ÿ Date / Time Functions
Ÿ Logical / Data Lookup Funcations
Ÿ Working with Names & Ranges
Ÿ Conditional Formatting
Ÿ Exercises
Excel Techniques 1
Ÿ Linking across sheets & workbooks.
Ÿ Data Manipulation & Validations
Ÿ Working with array functions
Ÿ Exercises
Excel Techniques 2
Ÿ Basic Excel charting techniques
Ÿ Sorting, Ordering, Filtering Techniques
Ÿ Documenting & Protecting Data
Ÿ Printing Techniques
Ÿ Producing basic data retrieval
Advance Excel (Modeling Basic) Duration: 8 Hours
Advance Functions
Ÿ Leveraging Excel’s power using nested functions
Ÿ Advance Financial / Statistical Functions
Ÿ Advance Data manipulation functions
Ÿ Hidden & Overlook Excel Features
Ÿ Writing custom functions in VBA
Data / Financial Analysis
Ÿ Pivot Tables
Ÿ Using Solver / Scenario Manager
Ÿ Data Grouping / Outlining / Subtotals
Ÿ Single / Multi-dimensional Analysis
Ÿ Sensitivity / What-if Analysis
Dynamic Sheets / User Controls
Ÿ Inserting & Coding Dynamic Controls
Ÿ Creating Dynamic Charts
Ÿ Creating interactive worksheets
Ÿ Creating Basic Financial Model
VBA Introduction
Ÿ Creating User form
Ÿ Manipulating Excel data using VBA
Ÿ VBA programming Structure
Ÿ For, IF, While, Do While and other VBA Statements.
Investment Bankers
Equity Research Analyst
Financial Analysts
Portfolio Managers
Others from related areas

- Stock Analyst
- Relationship Managers
- Equity Research Analyst
- Portfolio Manager
- Stock Brokers

Fee for this module:- Rs. 7,000/-
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