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This intensive 30 hour training in advance equity valuation concepts. The training will will equip participants with skills required to effectively evaluate companies and assets. The course covers an overview of different equity valuation methods and explains fundamental framework. You will have a chance to go through various ratios analysis including cash flows, discount rates and periods, capital structure and more.

The training is focused to provide understanding of more complex issues such as, CAPM Model, cost of capital, the application of the Value driver approach to terminal value  APV - Adjusted Present Value calculation.

Each session is concluded with a practical exercise which will help to immediately apply the theory into practice.
Equity Valuation
By the end of this course participants will be able to:
- Differentiate and apply the main types of equity valuation from absolute (DCF, EVA, APV) to relative (P/E, EV/EBIT. EV/EBITDA) methods
- Evaluate balance sheet as well as profit and loss accounts and cash flow statements
- Use comparative company valuation and calculate multiples in practice
- Have an understanding of DCF model structure and how it is used to value a company in practice
- Learn the fundamentals of future cash flow valuation
- Calculate the cost of capital and understand the basics of discounted rates and periods
- Be able to use a DCF model to build a total value of the firm with core and non-core assets
Main Topics Covered:
The core valuation approaches: enterprise and equity value
     Analysing operating and non-operating items in the financial statement
    Valuation tools in practice: DCF, EVA, P/E, EV/EBITA, EV/EBIDTA
    Calculation and interpretation of key ratios
    Relative valuation multiples in practice: equity and enterprise based, PEG ratios
    DCF valuations
    Comparative company valuation
    Valuing and identifying correct cash flows
    Cost of debt and equity
    Calculating discount rates and periods
    Using CAPM in calculating cost of equity
    Cost of capital and capital structure analysis using WACC
    Calculating APV
    Terminal value approach: stable growth, liquidation value and multiple approach
From Corporates, Investment Banks, Private Equity, Consulting, Accounting and Legal Companies, or students looking to make a career in Investment Banking and Finance.

   Equity Research, Analysts and Sales
    Equity Capital Markets
    Investment Managers
    Members of M&As Departments
    Corporate Financial Managers
    Corporate Development
    Corporate Finance Lawyers

- Equity Valuation
- Financial Analyst
- Equity Research Analyst
- Portfolio Manager
- Capital Budgeting
- Investment Banking
- M & A Analysis

Training Approach: Training on LIVE projects.
Duration: 20 Hours
Program Delivery : Live Class room training.
Weekend & Weekday classes.

Fee for this module:- Rs. 14,000/-
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