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Equity Valuation & Appraisal
As a result of recent growth in non-traditional and alternative investments of non-publicly traded investments such as direct investments in partnerships, closely-held stock the need for reasonably priced independent valuations has increased significantly.
In the absence of reliable publicly availbale information, the need to arrive at fair value of the investment becomes crucial to such direct investments.

J P Financial & Investment Services offers fee based valuation services for such investors seeking to obtain an unbiased value for unlisted companies or firms.
Types of Valuation

This is a basic valuation & the object of this valuation is to perform a limited research & analysis to arrive at an indicitive estimate value of the business.

The report will highlight present and estimate value of the firm with a 3 year cash flow projection.

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Comprehensive Valuation:

Comprehensive valuations may be required by investments / buy / sell transaction that call for more in-depth analysis of the business.

The comprehensive Valuation provides:

1) Value of the business.

2) The value arrived is based upto the best consideration of all the infromation provided to us or we are able to gather.

3) The valuation value will be based on the conceptual approaches we deem to be most appropriate in light of the available information.

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